Postcard Research

I looked at many several design styles for the postcard brief to help inspire me with some ideas. I was initially a bit stuck with the concept of obscuring letters as shown in a previous exercise and I couldn’t really think of what other creative ways to show off the font that I was assigned with. After doing some research I got alot more ideas that I could possibly create for my postcards.


These designs are similar to the ones I looked at for the type tour poster, they consist of the soviet era designs using 45 degree and angles for type. Its an interesting way to make type more appealing and attention grabbing creating movement and an abstract image.


Another example of the diagonal multi-directional text, simple  yet bold.


 This poster shows agood use of space and also uses multi-directional text I like this design simple and clear and less cluttered than the previous designs.


(right)The use of strong bold colours makes this design stand out I could definitely use the same idea of having strong colours to add to the aesthetics of the design without taking away from the information.

4483300597342_V0BKvut5_l I like the simplicity of this one as well, it also has a strong combination of colours. I also like the use of the glyph used as an “E” and could also be interpreted as an arrow.


For this Apex image on the right, I like the use of grids incorporated in to the design showing that grids are an essential part of developing any type in the correct form.


This one incorporates elements of illustration similar to those found in illuminated manuscripts. Doing some sort of pattern or illustration like this might be suitable and usefull for eliminating dead space.


This is a more straight forward design showing the alphabet in a certain typeface, even though it gets its message across, I think it would be a bit boring as a post card.


I like the idea of creating an info-graphic for a big amount of information in this case they created a table of elements out of different typefaces. Something like this can come in useful for the second post card where I have to talk a about a historical aspect of typography of my choice.


 Looking into the specific typeface design in more detail. Its a good idea to show the structure of the letters,  but If i was to use a similar idea I think i would use only a few letters instead of the whole alphabet.

infographiclarge_v2Something like this concept could be great to show the history tree of typography


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