Music Request

We were asked to choose two songs, one that we like and thought would be an easy listen for most people and another one that was difficult to listen to and enjoy for some at least.

Album design cover by Leif Podhajsky
Album design cover by Leif Podhajsky

Now I personally like both of the songs I chose which are Kiara by Bonobo one of my favorite artists but I didn’t choose this song of his in particular for any real reason. My second song that was meant to be harder to listen to I went with Windowlicker by Aphex Twin also a great artist. Although his style of music tends to have very abstract and sometimes jittery sounds that I think some people might not enjoy it.

I was randomly given two songs which another student chose and was asked to listen to them and write about what I thought about them. I got for my “difficult listen” being Enter Shikari by Destabilise to be honest I preferred this song over the other one. I used to listen to some heavy metal and sub-genres (don’t know exactly what this falls into) a few years back I still like to listen to stuff like this from time to time I think its mainly nostalgic. I like how they seem to incorporate other elements from various electronic genres, like dubstep and trance.

For the other song I had Ed Sheeran featuring Passenger “No Diggity”. While I’ll admit I didn’t really like it at first, I listened to it a few more times and it starts to grow on you its up beat and its got a nice rythm to it.


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