Shoe Tower

In our groups we were set the task of creating a tower out of shoes. There were two requirements to this activity, to make it as tall as possible and make it visually creative. At first I wasn’t too inspired by this activity and I wasn’t sure how this would help us in developing our creativity, but I was soon to be proven wrong.

Our group didn’t give it much thought or planning beforehand until it was time to start constructing our towers we took our few pairs of shoes and just went from there. We ended up using shoes with higher tops (boots) as our base as they seemed to be the sturdiest. By adding a few shoes in a vertical position we gained a lot more height (something the other groups didn’t do). The rest was just about adding layers of stacked up shoes as evenly and balanced as possible. We also added some shoes as support to the main structure on the sides.

To my surprise our group ended up wining the challenge with our shoe tower, towering over the others in the class! I would like to say that the design was good too, both structurally and visually. It turned out to be a good exercise to help develop our creativity and working on the spot



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