Poster Ideas

After looking at all these ideas I am finally begining to have some ideas as to how I would like to design my Typer Tour poster. I came up with three main ideas and a few branching ideas withing each of them. The first one 1a. would combine one of my photographs with text masked along the right using photoshop. The text being different terminologies regarding typography while using different fonts for each, or using type captured in my photographs taken at The Strand. The type being cut out or illustrated over. The second similar idea 2a. was using the same concept of the photograph being masked by the text on the right except this time the text (and maybe the image) being set at an angle.

The second main idea 1b. consisted of using the sign post photograph that I previously took, removing the text written on the sign posts utilizing photoshop and replacing it with my text using the same style typography that was already in place. Possibly using the font Gill or something as closely matched to the original font. The branched off idea from this 2b. would be to take the same image of the sing post into illustrator and create a vector image of the the sign post but this time adding text using illustrated versions of type seen in my photographs onto the signs. Later adding the image back onto either the original photo or anothre one.

Finally the third idea was using my Savoy Arc photo. Cropping the image making sure the two or three of the letters are the main visual focus point. Adding the Type Tour title in a similar font at the top and rest of information in a clean text on the bottom right side.     Sketched ideas

I decided to think up more ideas for my poster as the more ideas I have the better. I came up with three more concepts the first one (1d.) consists of my Savoy Arc photo and placing it at the top of the document sort of like a banner. The bottom half of the page would have a collage of my other photos that would be masked or blended in together to create a more fluid image with out borders. The Savoy image at the top might be a bit distracting to my actual “Type Tour” title, so one possibility would be to remove the Savoy text, reflect the image and add my title in the space provided

Idea (1e.) entitles having a big “T” in the middle using an attractive font, and having the shadow of the letter going across diagonally. The two “T’s” would make up the Type Tour title and the rest of the informational text would be placed in the bottom right corner. This idea might leave a bit too much empty space to play with but at the same time it might work.

The sixth idea that I came up with would be using the London underground mapping system. Using similar diagrams I would place my photos within each stop circle. Having the main Type Tour title on the top and have the info text on the left-middle side of the poster. I am not sure how I would use this idea to show that the tour is based in the strand and not just London in general.

poster ideas 2


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