Looking at Poster Design

I did some research on different types of posters. In order to get some inspiration and to look at good and bad examples of poster design. So I purposely looked at a variety of examples, here are some of them…

This one in particular I thought had a bit too much text within the poster making it a bit too hectic for the eye in my opinion. Its hard to make out what the message its trying to get across is as well as knowing simply where to start reading, with the overload of information that there is. Its also strange because it seems like a clean design but it still lacks getting information across easily.

Too much text

I like the illustrations used in these posters, but they seemed to communicate only to an audience that has previously watched the television series “Breaking Bad” because if you haven’t seen it then it would be kind of hard to know what the message being communicated was through these illustrations without reading the small print.

Breaking Bad Poster by Francesco Francavilla

I found this to be quite creative in putting across a messege by creating an image out of type. I think it strongly communicates its message and it also grabs your attention.
Anti Bullying

Even though this image may not be a poster it’s also the result of clever use of typography.

Burger Brett Jordan

The way in which this poster was made to appear as though it was ripped up lets the different fonts combine with the image in an interesting way.

Torn poster

This poster shows a good use of a limited colour scheme. Simple colours give the image a clean and calm feel to it and the text having a warped perception gives it depth.

The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise

This poster is a good example of both limited colour scheme and using text in an angle. The limited colours once again seem to give it a clean, professional look to it. While the text set at an angle allow for a simple yet effective way to make the to make the text more appealing.

graphic dialogue

Another example using text at an angle. This one seems to be going more for the soviet era poster look with the font they used.


Looking at other examples of text set at an angle you can see multi-directional angles. Having text at multiple angles give the image a sense of direction or flow. This style in particular could come in useful for my poster as I need to somehow combine typography with a tour (motion).

Multi-directional poster

I came across this poster that I thought was very unusual in its approach to convey its message across. Its an interactive sound poster for a sound production company called Saxsofunny. It is ment to ripple as you touch it to create a similar sound to that of fire or wood crackling. I found it quite ingenous and original way they chose this idea to market their brand.

Interactive Sound Poster


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