A Trip Around Tonbridge

We went on a detour around Tonbridge to have a look at types of typography found. This was a warm up for our upcoming trip to the strand, where we will be taking our photos for our “Type Tour” poster. At first I wasn’t too sure what we would find in Tonbridge high street as I personally have been around it many times and don’t really find anything particularly too appealing in the high street. As it turns out I was wrong, doing this exercise was a great way to warm up the eye and start finding interesting things that you usually wouldn’t notice when walking around if you are not looking for it.

There was a wide variety of typography to be found, and from many eras. Looking around a church I was able to find some very old engravings that were done by hand, its very interesting to note that even though its not perfect the spacing and the arrangement of the text is very impressive.  I also found some great ghost signs hidden around the many alley ways. Its a good thing that these ghost signs are kept around as it adds to the history of the town. I also looked at more modern type from stencil logos to bright chalk boards outside of restaurants to more modern signs.


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