Discovery Land Rover Advertisement


In groups of three we were set the task of coming up with some ideas as to how we would market two advertisements of a 2014 Discovery Land Rover, using what we learned earlier about demographics. We had to come up with two different target groups, so we chose flourishing families and educated urbanites. The flourishing family one would involve being on a camping / outdoors setting, a well secluded area (not a camping site) during the daytime. The Land Rover parked up with its boot open seen from a side on, slightly diagonal view with the boot on the foreground having doors open and a kayak on the roof box. The kids are running around and the parents are unloading from the boot, there could also be a tent set up on the right side of the image. We thought of having the Logo on one corner and the slogan “Discover More” on an opposite diagonal corner. I think that this idea is good as it involved adventure, outdoors (what the Land Rover is designed for), shows potential use of the 4×4 and is very well targeted to a flourishing family. Our second idea was targeted to Educated Urbanites. We visualized this idea as city landscape with high-rise buildings coming across the sides, in a nighttime setting. The Land Rover coming towards you with a woman driving (part of target audience, and being un-sexist) and a man on the passenger seat. We thought of possibly having the colour of the Land Rover be a metallic grey colour and reflecting the city lights. Keeping the slogan and the logo in similar placements as the previous advertisement idea. In this concept we tried to portray the Land Rover as a luxury object that can be used in an urban environment showing class and is not just an outdoor car.


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